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Krav Maga

A resident of Lakewood, NJ, Avrahom Joseph, sometimes called Avrohom, is an accomplished entrepreneur and business owner. In his free time, Avrahom Joseph pursues a diverse range of hobbies that includes playing basketball, reading, and collecting rare coins and stamps. He also practices martial arts such as Tae Kwon Do and Krav Maga.

The discipline of Krav Maga, which means “close combat/contact” in Hebrew, is based on combat and self-defense techniques used by Israeli soldiers. Developed by Imi Lichtenfield after World War II, Krav Maga began being offered as a civilian martial art in 1972. Krav Maga emphasizes real-world scenarios and teaches situational awareness that helps students find escape routes and avoid combat whenever possible.

When combat is necessary, Krav Maga relies on simple, effective moves that enable practitioners to defend themselves against unarmed attackers, as well as to respond to attacks from assailants armed with knives or guns. Krav Maga students also learn to incapacitate an assailant quickly and effectively, regardless of size or training.


Krav Maga – A Basic Introduction

Formally trained in Talmudic studies in his youth, Avrahom Joseph has gone on to take an active role in the Jewish community in and around Lakewood, NJ. Avrahom Joseph of Lakewood, NJ, enjoys practicing martial arts in his free time and is experienced in the art of krav maga.

Developed as a self-defense system for the Israeli military, krav maga has since spread throughout the world. It has become a highly regarded set of skills for use by law enforcement and military units and has drawn a following among private citizens as well. Krav maga focuses on practical techniques for street fighting and, as such, prepares a person for any type of attack.

Using only hand-to-hand techniques, krav maga teaches practitioners to respond to such common attacks as grabs and chokes, as well as the use of weapons. It also teaches the art of remaining mentally responsive during a highly stressful and violent situation, a key element of effectiveness in self-defense. The techniques are simple and straightforward, although, with advanced study, a practitioner can learn to use them against increasingly more complex and intense attacks.

The Psychological Benefits of Regular Martial Arts Practice

A resident of Lakewood, New Jersey, Avrahom Joseph currently serves on the board of Yeshiva Meon Hatorah in Spring Valley, New York. As a board member, he provides the organization with business guidance, ensures payroll deadlines are met, and resolves accounts payable. In his free time, Avrahom Joseph is an avid martial artist who practices Tai Chi, Krav Maga, and Tae Kwon Do.

Martial arts is frequently recognized for the many physical benefits it offers, but regular martial arts training may also provide psychological benefits. Scientific studies have shown that martial arts have a variety of positive effects on individuals. For example, learning martial arts can improve practitioners’ self-confidence and, in turn, help them remain calm in stressful circumstances.

Practicing martial arts has also been shown to improve mood. Long-time practitioners have reported lower levels of anxiety and aggression along with high levels of self-reliance and independence. These effects increase with time, assuming individuals continue to practice regularly. Beyond this, martial arts have been shown to improve discipline and focus, enhance self-control, and reduce stress levels.

New Jersey Hike to Pinwheel’s Vista

An accomplished businessman, Avrahom Joseph has owned several companies in the Lakewood, New Jersey, area. In his leisure time, Avrahom Joseph enjoys hiking throughout the state.

Experienced hikers in New Jersey may wish to try Pinwheel’s Vista. This 9-mile round-trip hike mostly follows level ground, with a few steep sections ascending and descending from its start at the Wawayanda State Park headquarters. The trail offers views of the New Jersey and New York mountains, a steel bridge over a stream, a waterfall, and other spectacular features.

After leaving the Wawayanda State Park, the Pinwheel’s Vista trail follows blue blaze markers for 0.3 miles and then turns left at the first trail juncture, continuing along the A.T. trail marked with white blazes. It continues along the A.T. Trail, past the Wawayanda Shelter, along park roads, over the steel bridge, and through the forest. After crossing a stone wall and reaching the 4.3-mile marker, the path returns to the blue-blazed Wawayanda Ridge Trail, which continues the rest of the way to the overlook at Pinwheel’s Vista.

Reasons to Consider Krav Maga

Lakewood, New Jersey, resident Avrahom Joseph studied marketing, business law, and accounting at Ocean County College. In his free time Avrahom Joseph enjoys refining his skills as a student of krav maga.

Like many martial arts, krav maga emphasizes both the physical aspects of self-defense as well as the moral principles involved. There are a number of reasons an individual should consider studying the finer points of krav maga. First, it is considered one of the more intuitive and accessible martial arts, and has been designed to serve individuals of every age, size, and shape.

Secondly, krav maga is a style of pure striking that emphasizes the quick and effective development of skills. There are no krav maga competitions or showcases. Instead, studies focus on how to defend oneself and loved ones in real-world scenarios.

Finally, krav maga training expands on a person’s natural instincts while simultaneously drawing on a multitude of martial arts and disciplines of self-defense. This combination of influences provides students of krav maga with a well-rounded education in defense techniques that can be employed in many different situations.

An Overview of Baseball Gloves

Lakewood, New Jersey, native Avrahom Joseph studied marketing and business law at Ocean County College. In his free time, Avrahom Joseph enjoys spending time with his family and playing sports such as baseball and basketball.

A baseball glove is one of the most important pieces of equipment in a baseball player’s bag. Gloves come in a number of different shapes and sizes, varying according to a player’s size and position. Throughout players’ younger years, they may play a number of different positions, but as they age they should begin developing their skills at a single spot on the field. Those who find they excel in the infield will use a smaller, rounder glove than what outfielders typically use. Second basemen and short stops use the smallest gloves in baseball, ranging from 10.5 to just under 12 inches.

Gloves for outfielders are comparatively simpler, with the average adult size coming in at an even 13 inches. Despite these numbers, players must select a glove that fits their personal needs. This is most evident with pitchers, whose gloves can range from 11 to more than 12 inches.

Cleveland Indians Name New Bullpen Coach

An experienced entrepreneur, Avrahom Joseph has established himself in the business and philanthropic communities in Lakewood, New Jersey. Avrahom Joseph balances his professional and charitable efforts with an interest in sports, including his support for the Cleveland Indians.

In a recent press release, the Indians announced they have hired a new bullpen coach, Jason Bere, who will transition from his nine-year role as a special assistant to the team’s baseball operations department. Bere previously worked with both minor and major league pitchers, so he is already familiar with the organization and its members. Before assuming his current role, Cleveland strategically arranged for Bere to join the team at points throughout the season to add value to the coaching staff and gain experience.

Bere replaces Kevin Cash, who recently became the new manager for the Tampa Bay Rays. According to Cleveland leadership, Bere offers a different skill set than Cash, as well as a strong ability to communicate with the team. A former pitcher, Bere spent more than a decade in the major leagues with the Brewers, Cubs, Reds, White Sox, and Indians.