Krav Maga – A Basic Introduction

Formally trained in Talmudic studies in his youth, Avrahom Joseph has gone on to take an active role in the Jewish community in and around Lakewood, NJ. Avrahom Joseph of Lakewood, NJ, enjoys practicing martial arts in his free time and is experienced in the art of krav maga.

Developed as a self-defense system for the Israeli military, krav maga has since spread throughout the world. It has become a highly regarded set of skills for use by law enforcement and military units and has drawn a following among private citizens as well. Krav maga focuses on practical techniques for street fighting and, as such, prepares a person for any type of attack.

Using only hand-to-hand techniques, krav maga teaches practitioners to respond to such common attacks as grabs and chokes, as well as the use of weapons. It also teaches the art of remaining mentally responsive during a highly stressful and violent situation, a key element of effectiveness in self-defense. The techniques are simple and straightforward, although, with advanced study, a practitioner can learn to use them against increasingly more complex and intense attacks.


Joining Chai Lifeline’s Honey Engel Toy Drive for Lakewood Youth

A licensee of the New Jersey Commission of Higher Education and longtime advocate of education, Avrahom Joseph has been closely involved with traditional Jewish education establishments throughout the region over the past several years. A resident of Lakewood, NJ, Avrahom Joseph also lends his support to Chai Lifeline.

From its beginnings as a small summer camp program in New York City, Chai Lifeline has expanded in scope and size to care for children with illnesses from its regional offices in Lakewood, NJ; Fort Lauderdale, FL; Chicago, IL; and Los Angeles, CA; as well as a network of international affiliates. In order to bring holiday joy to children and their families during turbulent times, each year Chai Lifeline sponsors the Honey Engel Toy Drive, one of the largest charity drives of its kind in the Jewish world.

As part of the Toy Drive, Chai Lifeline accepts new, unwrapped gifts for boys and girls of all ages. In addition to donating toys at participating schools and drop-off locations, contributors can purchase gifts online through Engel Toy Drive partner stores to contribute a portion of sales directly to Chai Lifeline. As a result of the contributions of supporters, Chai Lifeline was able to distribute more than 50,000 gifts to children in 2014 alone.