Reasons to Consider Krav Maga

Lakewood, New Jersey, resident Avrahom Joseph studied marketing, business law, and accounting at Ocean County College. In his free time Avrahom Joseph enjoys refining his skills as a student of krav maga.

Like many martial arts, krav maga emphasizes both the physical aspects of self-defense as well as the moral principles involved. There are a number of reasons an individual should consider studying the finer points of krav maga. First, it is considered one of the more intuitive and accessible martial arts, and has been designed to serve individuals of every age, size, and shape.

Secondly, krav maga is a style of pure striking that emphasizes the quick and effective development of skills. There are no krav maga competitions or showcases. Instead, studies focus on how to defend oneself and loved ones in real-world scenarios.

Finally, krav maga training expands on a person’s natural instincts while simultaneously drawing on a multitude of martial arts and disciplines of self-defense. This combination of influences provides students of krav maga with a well-rounded education in defense techniques that can be employed in many different situations.


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