An Overview of Baseball Gloves

Lakewood, New Jersey, native Avrahom Joseph studied marketing and business law at Ocean County College. In his free time, Avrahom Joseph enjoys spending time with his family and playing sports such as baseball and basketball.

A baseball glove is one of the most important pieces of equipment in a baseball player’s bag. Gloves come in a number of different shapes and sizes, varying according to a player’s size and position. Throughout players’ younger years, they may play a number of different positions, but as they age they should begin developing their skills at a single spot on the field. Those who find they excel in the infield will use a smaller, rounder glove than what outfielders typically use. Second basemen and short stops use the smallest gloves in baseball, ranging from 10.5 to just under 12 inches.

Gloves for outfielders are comparatively simpler, with the average adult size coming in at an even 13 inches. Despite these numbers, players must select a glove that fits their personal needs. This is most evident with pitchers, whose gloves can range from 11 to more than 12 inches.


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