A Recent Find of Uncut 19th-Century Chinese Stamps

A Lakewood, New Jersey, resident, Avrahom Joseph maintains a successful entrepreneurial career. Avrahom Joseph has a passion for rare coins and stamps, which he values for their beauty as well as their collectibility. In early 2015, one of the most remarkable rare stamp finds in years occurred, with a set of 35 Chinese stamps found in a Cotswolds, UK, attic where they had been stored for more than a century.

The stamps were acquired by an English missionary living in Shanghai in the 1880s and stored in an ornate cigar box. Upon his retirement, the missionary brought the unused stamps back to England. These unremarkable looking stamps are particularly rare because of the centerpiece, an uncut sheet of 19 ‘candarin’ stamps, which were used for sending mail in China. The rareness of the find caused a UK philatelic dealer to snap up the stamps for nearly 80,000 pounds and put them up for auction, where they are expected to sell for as much as a quarter of a million pounds.


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